Materials Handling Molds

Plastic pallets and crates made by injection molding, are gaining acceptance in a range of markets including foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, groceries, automotive, bottle handling, soft drinks, juice concentrates and many more.

The difficulty and cost of wood pallet and crates has always been a concern, but today’s focus on the environment is fueling a renewed interest in plastics as alternative. Also, reusability is a major attraction to use plastic products. Several plastic material handling manufacturers have capitalized by coming out with low-cost versions that compete favorably with wood.
One method of holding down costs is to use recycled resin and scrap regrind. Also favoring plastics are international regulations that require treatment of wood to reduce pest migration in export of material handling products.

At MAN Technologies we understand the customer’s requirement for sturdy and high tolerance material handling products. From our initiation we have focused on providing innovative solutions for material handling industry, these molds are customized depending on the application and requirement.